Saturday, June 10, 2017

Train Noise study at the University of Memphis' Intermodal Freight Trans...

   - The Quest for Quiet in A Noisy World -

Disturbed by the cacophony of his everyday life, one writer sets out to discover how sound affects us all.
By Robert Earle Howells
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Silence is Golden: Railroad Noise Pollution and Property Values - 27 Pages Posted: 26 Jun 2015 Last revised: 25 Jan 2016                    Jay K Walker Old Dominion University - Economics Date Written: January 17, 2016  

The College Park Family 2 community is a good example of some people who are suffering from a procession of trains and planes that are often making loud noises at the same time and often for hours at a time --- train horns blaring day and night. I found one review that discusses these trains and also the structural damage to the property --- it is a sad situation to say the least --- click this link: Memphis Housing Authority - College Park Family 2