Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memphis, Tennessee, is the 5th most dangerous city for pedestrians.

Downtown Memphis
The Memphis Bridge Newspaper

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Federal Highway Administration Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Research Page

The FHA Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Research website features articles and research on improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. They note that "[s]tatistics show that:
  • 6,000 pedestrians are killed every year. 
  • 90,000 pedestrians are injured every year.
  • A pedestrian or bicyclist is killed every 3 1/2 minutes.
  • Pedestrian injuries and fatalities result in $20 billion in societal costs."
complied by

Smart Growth America & National Complete Streets Coalition 
PDF Document: Dangerous By Design 2014

Elvis fan Andrea Baker killed in Memphis hit-and-run

Auto-Free Livable Cities Guide
The Grades for Memphis are C/D/F/D/D/D 
- 65.5 - without the cost of living.

The Homeless: Car-free Citizens 
Posted in The Memphis Bridge Newspaper 
By Emily Clark On June 17, 2013,  
And authored by David M. Fullerton 

Boston, Massachusetts, is a city listed as one of the best cities to live car-free. The reason, I believe, is because of the people who has lived there long-term or even those, who has moved there more recently simply because of Boston's condensed neighborly communities. To illustrate, Bikeyface is written and illustrated by Bekka Wright, who moved to Boston from Los Angeles. Apparently, our brilliant minds were thinking alike around the year, 2011, because we both founded our blogs during that same year. Anyway, Bekka once aspired to be a political animal early on in her career and then pursued a different set of skills altogether. She is now an artist, writer, filmmaker, and connoisseur of chocolate chip cookies. But, do not take her lightly, nor for granted either, she earned her BA in Painting with a minor in Creative Writing from Brandeis University and an MFA in Cinema-Television Production from the University of Southern California, and works at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. If we want to improve Memphis, sometimes we have just got to reach out to people and places that are already doing things right. And I, for one, want to help Memphis, Tennessee, duplicate the success of Boston and people like Bekka!  

Click this link to get the full story onORLANDO, Fla.: Orlando is the most dangerous city for pedestrians - Florida Wires -

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