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Modern-Day Slavery: A peak at the war over your soul!

Slavery is a vital part of the motor vehicle industry, as it has been since conception --- just mull over these viewpoints:

1. One hardly notices modern-day slavery anymore simply because it can be out of sight and out of mind.

2. For example, in the deep jungle of Brazil, slaves extract pig iron used to make motor vehicle parts.

3. Those motor vehicle parts are then distributed all over the world including the USA, especially from out of Memphis, Tennessee, by a global conglomerate.

4. The high costs for rolling down the streets in polluter – mobiles outweighs the benefits, especially since exhaust fumes are one major cause of respiratory diseases like asthma.

5. When slavery ended in America, it did not end elsewhere.

6. In fact, slavery was outsourced and the slaves were bounced around from place to place.

7. Of course, it would seem that exploitation of this nature is fully condoned by the majority of American corporations and even the American government.

8. Many people believe the New World Order is responible, a demonically crafted mass marketing machine for transhumanisum and AI(artificial intelligence and the NWO wants to replace everyone's concept of God with an all knowing computer system that might be able to upload souls to the cloud to be rebooted at some future date, a time called singularity.

9. Some people believe that the singularity is science fiction,  such as Noam Chomsky.

10. As it all relates to being car-free, the New World Order will either put every human being possible behind the wheel of a brand new motor vehicle by 2050 or impoverish anyone who dares not go along to get along.

11. Of course the motor vehicle industry is heavily subsidized along with the oil industry.

12. Such industries are making people believe that if funding is cut off from such industries the entire world’s economy will collapse instantly and we will all be living in the dark ages all over again.

13. The objective, here, is to open one’s eyes - open one’s mind – get one’s attention – then spread the word: this world will not end if there are no motor vehicles anymore.

14. In fact, the opposite is true: empires that condine motor vehicles will fade away, or at least shrink small enough to  remain only within their own regions and not overwhelm the entire world with their pollution.

15. Whenever an empire’s pollution affects other people’s lives negatively, then that empire is to big for its britches.

16. Of course, becoming a Car-Free Friendly Citizen is a major step towards restoration of the earth with no more enslavement to this New World Order and nonstop consumerism, a system that encourages the borrowing of funds at high interest rates that people pay off for a life time or for several generations.

17. This only happens when one truly believes in a pipe dream --- the American Dream --- a mass marketing scheme, which has never been sustainable long-term by any empire, as one bubble after another burst, with bailouts for the rich, and little or no recovery for the majority of people.  

18. Still the elite chase after such dreams, the next big thing, and that is why people are witnessing the depletion of all earth’s resources and the obliteration of earth’s environment.

19. Are the absolute idiots who want this New World Order the ancestors of Mars?

20. Perhaps they destroyed Mars and moved to earth to consume its resources --- God Forbid, if any of these fools ever leave earth void and without form as it was in the beginning and then screws up other planets in other galaxies.

21. This New World Order will say that they might as well exploit all of earth’s resources to get to another galazy since some natural disaster might kill off everything on earth anyway.

22. To illustrate, there is the Louisiana’s sink hole scenario, forever spreading up the Mississippi River to meet up with Shelby County Tennessee’s New Madrid Fault Line, a massive earthquake disaster waiting to happen, which may split the entire USA in half by as much as 500 miles wide and all the way up to the north pole, a pole that is now shifting its coordinates 40 miles each year and having other serious implications already, such as climate change.

23. By 2050, Memphis may be 10 degrees below zero and 50 miles under water or ice.

24. Therefore, the New World Order believes that by any means necessary, they have the right to enslave people or to exploit people to maintain an elitists lifestyle wherever it is they go.

25. Once the elite, meaning the New World Order, gains any foothold in one’s life, they make promises that have never been kept --- like jobs, so long as people are willing to go into deep debt with student loans for the right education, but the jobs will still never come.

26. Of course, they will keep their promises to the lowest of crumb eaters who are committing the seven deadly sins.

27. And incrementally, these crumb eaters will do everything in their power to keep the entire population of this world from seeking heaven on earth in the name of Jesus Christ.

28. Nonetheless, many believe they can fight off the New World Order by any means necessary and these believers in JesusJesusJesus want to be free to breath clean air, drink fresh water, and eat the very best nutritious foods and to live simple lives.

29. Many are ready to fight until their death believing that this New World Order is going straight to hell, sooner rather than later.

30. What is happening is that the New World Order is going to be held accountable and punished.

31. Many believe in the Good News found in the Bible; and they are right to do so, because, there is going to be HEAVEN ON EARTH one day and God and his only son, Jesus Christ, are going to make it happen --- like it, or not.

32. The New World Order will have one belive that there are multiple ways into the heaven that is mentioned in the Bible, but there is only one way into heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.

33. There are many groups of people standing up against the NWO; perhaps there is an organization out there somewhere making since about how we human beings came into existence and why; and that we really should be living our lives as givers of all that we have to our fellow human beings, meaning that we should never pay anyone to live on this earth nor charge anyone to live here either - everyone has equal value in this situation.

Some passages from the International Labor Office:      

[“I had not then learned the measure of “man’s inhumanity to man,” nor to what limitless extent of wickedness he will go for the love of gain.”
― Solomon Northup, Twelve Years a Slave (1853)]
--- International Labor Office

“Those words were written by Solomon Northup in “Twelve Years a Slave” more than 150 years ago, but they ring as true today as they did then. More than a century after being banned in the developed world, and decades after being outlawed in the newly emerging developing world, modern forms of slavery—forced labor, human trafficking, forced sexual exploitation—still exist, and unfortunately risk growing in extent and profitability in the world today.”
--- International Labor Office

Those two quotes were extracted from a PDF document available on the World Wide Web at the top of p. 45 of the Conclusion section:

ILO Cataloguing in Publication Data

Profits and poverty: the economics of forced labor / International Labor Office. - Geneva: ILO, 2014

ISBN: 9789221287810; 9789221287827 (web pdf)

International Labor Office

Keywords: forced labor / trafficking in persons / profit / cost benefit analysis / developing countries /developer.                          

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