Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I have been car-free for several years. 

I have faced every scenario possible since giving up my vehicles.

For example, I pimped out my granny cart with a new set of wheels.

The brand name of my granny cart is called EASY WHEELS. 

 It is distributed by the Narita Trading Co. Inc

The cage section is flawless in design and it still serves me well.

However, the plastic rimes and rubber tires that came with their cart crumbled to pieces while out in the street with a load of groceries. 

Either the rubber tires rolled off the rim, or they become badly chipped causing the whole cage to rattle violently, or the rimes cracked and even exploded into tiny pieces. 

I bought the cart online, but have since forgotten where I bought it from, but did keep ordering wheels from Narita at first and like I just said, their wheels have failed me each and every time.       

Here in Memphis, Stewart Brothers Hardware sales these carts in their brick and mortar store and that's also where I went to get my new wheels, among other related cart parts, such as heavy duty cog pins, washers, and metal sleeves.

Your cart may be a different brand name from mine or a different size, so you may need to adjust for the upgraded wheels and parts.  

The Peddler Bike Shop sold me some heavy duty grocery bags that I hang on my bike rack or on my pimped out granny cart. 

I also added a padlock with a cable to the cart.  

One thing is for sure, since I pimped out my own granny cart, I have never had a single breakdown!  

Me and my posse are available to come speak for your special event for a fee, especially since we think we know it all and actually do live a car-free lifestyle.        

I replaced the springs with heavy duty metal sleeves.
Here are the metal sleeves.
These lawn mower wheels fit over the cart axles of my
Easy Wheels Black Jumbo Cart perfectly
adding even more strength to the axles.  
Bang - The Whole Thing:
Pimped Out Granny Cart,
Heavy Duty Grocery
Getter Bike Bags,
Red Water Proof Laundry Bag,
and a Tan Backpack.         


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