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David Fullerton 

"Mature and understanding - David Fullerton is the wise person of the group. He is cautiously optimistic by nature. He has a better and more balanced perspective on how things are compared to the people he associates with - everyone turns to him for advice, as they should!" ---  
anonymous associate.

Over 8,000 amazing people read the blog posts for CAR-FREE MEMPHIS — and you’re amazing too! 

David Fullerton is a one man think tank for Car-Free Citizens, among other issues. 

The words that best describe him is Policy and Research Analyst.  

This blog was founded in 2011. The reason why is because the founder, David Fullerton, has been a car-free citizen as an adult while living in the downtown vicinity of Memphis, Tennessee, for the past 13 years. 

David's roots here in Memphis go back much further. 

During his high school days, 30 years ago, David rode a MATA bus to Watkins Overton High School from the community of Whitehaven whereby he grew up as part of a family who had been living there well over 50 years. 

Those long bus trips to Overton were nearly two hours long both ways.

Still today, riding on a MATA bus takes the same two hours of time for an average ride both ways, and far more time for so many others who have to catch up to four buses to get home to their families and friends. 

The fact, is, people who ride on MATA are spending more time with MATA than they do with their family and friends.  

Of course, David came to realize that riding on the MATA bus is not changing for the better. 

It is truly a sad situation that living car-free in Memphis, Tennessee, is not an easy lifestyle choice, especially for people who are living in the direst poverty. 

Therefore, the mission of this blog is to educate its readers about the needs of car-free citizens within the Metropolitan area of Memphis, Tennessee. 

The vision is that one day soon Memphis will become a car-free, friendly city that remains this way forever. 

Therefore, the goal is to reach out to all potential stakeholders to join in on this common good cause as we all press forward with a wide range of methods to bring much needed focus on a message of positive social change.

David Fullerton has completed a dual BA degree from the University of Memphis in the fields of anthropology and political science. He has also earned a Master’s of Public Administration from Walden University with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

David wants to leverage combined experiences to become an employee or consultant for a growing organization whereby the organization can benefit from his current academic prowess and specialization in nonprofits; comprehension of business models, methods and processes and entrepreneurial experience, creative insight, and market intelligence; experience as a government liaison; and, the competence to work across all three sectors on a wide rage of projects and programs with face-to-face and virtual teams; and, all of which will have a positive affect on an organizations bottom line.

To Illustrate further, David’s areas of interests and effectiveness are as follows:

• Formation of joint ventures and partnerships between advocacies, grant making, and civic organizations and corporations and government.

• Policy and research analysis, government affairs, political advocacy, government relations; and, monitoring of legislative and political activity.

• General and operations management, Information systems and e-services; and, public relations, marketing research, and communications.

• Customer service representation, planning special events and fundraisers; and, providing entertainment, amusement, and motivational speaking for most any occasion.

David Fullerton and his associates are available for you to call on them. 

David Fullerton 

Inaugural "Rolling For Independence" with the Memphis Center for Independent Living




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