Saturday, April 23, 2016

Car-Free Citizens Mourn Fallen Firefighter

I was sitting here on my front porch at Foote Homes Public Housing, apartment 632 number 109, just watching the sun go down, as its final glimmer shinned through a United States flag hanging half-staff at Fire Station Number 8 for the reason that their fellow fire fighter, Rodney Eddins, passed away last Sunday. 
I have been deeply stirred by this entire situation and wanted to walk over there to pay my respects to this obvious fallen hero, who gave so much to the citizens of Memphis as a Fire Fighter, who could have been doing anything else that he wanted to do, but decided 30 years ago to pour his entire heart and soul into a profession he was clearly devoted to just as much as he was to his wife and daughter.
While hanging out at station 8, I asked a few of them if I could take a photo to remember our gathering, to which they agreed; except I noticed their gloomy faces and had to do something about it considering the dire circumstances, so I unexpectedly blurted out for them to say  --- my mommas got stinky feet --- and when they shouted it out in unison, they suddenly forgot their obvious sorrow and smiled as I snapped the shot.
They deserved to smile; they, too, face danger! They all deserve our love and affection, our full support. In fact, Lt. Eddins will be remembered by all of our firefighters and all of us Car-Free citizens.

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