Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Available for Mass Transit: Does MATA Care At All?

We have the worst mass transit system in our country. 

There are even new technologies to help improve our situation.

Yet Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) refuses to embrace innovative changes for the better.  

Which makes one wonder if MATA truly has any authority whatsoever. 

So let's just remove the word "authority" from their name then! 

In fact, let's replace their entire name with Car-Free Citizens Transit  (CCCT).

Simply put, CCCT would embrace fuel cell technology like other transit systems are doing, which saves taxpayers big money, drives down overall operating cost, and drives down the costs for bus rides by car-free citizens. 

With these costs cut, CCCT could afford to expand its system and it will get a car-free citizen to wherever they need to go on time and with zero emissions.

These fuel cell buses allow for a ride that is nice and clean, quiet and smooth.

However, MATA busses are more like riding in a hot and humid slave ship that rocks back and forth, up and down, and it even roars and rattles. 

The only thanks car-free citizens ever get from riding in MATA's old gas guzzling clunkers: a big blast of exhaust fumes and road debris in our faces. 

It is amazing that MATA is actually charging us to board their buses!

Car-Free Citizens’ are paying a whopping $3.50 for one of MATA's all day passes, which hardly leads us to anywhere positive in a timely fashion. 

If one of us has some place special to be, we will most likely be late. 

The powers-that-be who are responsible for MATA should be embarrassed over this ongoing debacle after celebrating over 30 long years of the worst public transit service in our history. 

If our leaders do not want to embrace positive social changes for our public transit system, then it's time to change our leadership, so that the rest of us can finally breath some fresh air here in Memphis.        

Click the following link to view the entire State of the Union Address for Fuel Cell Technology across the USA:

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