Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Complaints Lead To Deep Cleaning At Downtown Family Dollar |

Yea — Family Dollar is convenient for sure and they need to clean up and reopen ASAP! Moreover, they need to add bike racks outside of their doors and a locker system inside for backpacks and coats, especially since they want us to leave nearly all of our personal belongings with them in an unprotected location right next to the cash registers. They are way too concerned that we the customers are only there to steal from them. They should not mind, then, making several upgrades to their facilities or either close down all together. Speaking of which, how about adding several rest rooms. I have had to walk out of their store on several occasions while discarding a basket full of things that I wanted to buy, just to go elsewhere for a restroom that was still hard to find anyway if I was not dressed just right. But this is how it is all over the downtown area. You see – the powers-that-be is extremely unfriendly towards those of us who are not dressed up in top of the line clothing styles. One can count on one thing in the downtown area — if you are not already a well-known celebrity of some sort, the chances are greater that you will be turned away from the restrooms. My advice, if you’re middle class, is stay the hell away from downtown and save yourself the undeserved humiliation of soiling yourself as they are treating people like you and people in poverty far worse than ever. Do you ever wonder why you might see a few homeless people who cannot help it if they stink? Well – that is only because they are being turned away from the restrooms not because they have no home training. The top 1% is taking over the entire downtown area and their message seems to be clear: staying the hell away from them if you do not fit in.

Click the following link below to read all the fine details and watch the WREG video footage:
Complaints Lead To Deep Cleaning At Downtown Family Dollar |

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