Monday, August 26, 2013

Students with perfect attendance could receive reward - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Car-Free Memphis Blogger,
David Fullerton

First and foremost, children in Shelby County need bike lanes with a fully supportive and well-guarded and highly safe infrastructure on each and every street and especially within ten minutes of every school zone! To illustrate, children need bike parking on the inside of our school buildings instead of on the outside in the open air. And to make that even better, our children need safe and secure restrooms everywhere and plenty of places to get bike parts and tools and to make bike repairs. And of course, car-free friendly planning designs, policies, and processes can help Shelby County citizens resolve all of these related issues and problems more successfully. In fact, after reading some of my noteworthy blog posts and checking out the most popular web links about car-free living, you will have a well-informed point of view concerning the matter; better able to speak your mind publicly and/or better able to write about car-free living across all your social networks. People will become impressed with you and your newfound competence. And, if you ever get lost and confused about what you are tying to say to people, do not worry yourself over it at all – just tell them that you know me and where they can find my blog CAR-FREE MEMPHIS. And remember, you are not alone because well over 6,000 like-minded people are reading my blogs and spreading the word with you. And if people need for us, too, we can always go together and tell them in person just how important a car-free friendly community is for our children and our environment.  

Students with perfect attendance could receive reward - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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