Wednesday, January 2, 2013


During the spring and summer seasons, the air conditioners on any given MATA bus is either broken down and never repaired and neglected; or perhaps, they are just shut off on purpose. 

In addition, all of the windows are bolted shut; the temperature rises above 100 degrees; and the bus riders clothing becomes soaked through with sweat causing the riders to become unrepresentable by the time they arrive to their final destinations. 

During the fall and winter seasons, it can be cold and wet and the buses are usually late, which leaves  riders hanging out at the bus stop with no adequate shelter.  

One might as well walk or ride a bike.

To enhance your walk-bike experience buy yourself a cart that you can easily push or pull around. 

Of course, a heavy duty cargo bike will speed up such a trip and it will hold both people and groceries at the same time. 

Custom made carts and bikes are the best way to handle this whole situation.  

If you follow my blog post, then you will always come across the best ways for saving time and money and your sanity by not riding on the MATA bus until you absolutely have too. 

If the majority of your trips are far beyond a 20 minute walk, then consider buying the very best green energy mode of transportation possible. 

Also install wind mills and solar panels wherever you can, among other energy saving devices.  


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