Monday, January 14, 2013

Katie Couric And Jada Pinkett Smith Want To Know How Many Slaves Work For You?

On her show today, Katie Couric featured super star Jada Pinkett Smith, who strongly supports a ban on modern day slavery.  

Jada was further supported by several women, who told their heart felt stories. 

In addition, there were discussions about the many children who are also caught up in the plight of slavery, often because their very own parents sold them into it.   

A panel of experts from within government service and within the non-profit sector discussed their firm stand to irradicate slavery on a global scale. 

Moreover, they are imploring television viewers everywhere to join several organizations to help out in any way that they can. 

One might dare to hesitate and think to themselves that they are in no way involved with such an atrocity. 

And that thought folks is not true at all.  

That is exactly why Katie asked seveal people in her own audience to stand up and reveal their life styles and how their lifestyles are directly connected to how many slaves are working for them. 

 On adverage each one of them had 70 slaves who made their T-shirts. 

One person even had 120 slaves. 

You are no better than these few people in Katie's studio audience. 

To find out how many slaves are working for you, click the following link to find out all the details and then take the quiz with Katie.

So how, then,  is modern day slavery connected to living car-free in Memphis, TN?  

Well, deep within the Brazilian jungles, male slaves mine pig iron. 

Pig iron is used in the manufacturing process to create nearly all of the parts that go into every single auto vehicle on the roads today, among other related goods.   

On the other hand if the powers-that-be were to make all auto vehicles from hemp technology much like the Ford Motor Company once did, then surely those slaves would be set free.  

Besides, hemp is one of the toughest materials around. 

Ford would gather several people around his hemp made auto vehicles to pound the outside with sledge hammers and these vehicles would not even dent, or so they say. 

Click this link to find out all the details for Modern Day Slavery in Brazil

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