Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inaugural "Rolling For Independence" Fundraiser with the Memphis Center For Independent Living

Despite the bad weather, Ron Gephart steps up to save the day by leading us all off of the parking lot for a five mile ride around Midtown to celebrate the bike lanes running along Madison Avenue.    

Ron is a City of Memphis theater guru with 40 years of production, acting, and directing experience under his belt, among other related titles and accolades.  

Up to a point, I was privileged just to be tagging along behind Ron in a bright yellow reflective jacket and a rain suit. 

Ron grinned real big, as I struggled to keep up with him. 

Look - I was not trying to win a race. 

Nonetheless, Ron beat all of us back to the finish line despite his fogged up eye glasses, rain pouring down his face, and his recently replaced hip. 

So what was my excuse for falling so far behind Ron and a few others as well?

I will never tell you that and only God will ever know - LOL!    

Anyway, I want to give my deepest appreciation for my own personal sponsors. 

I could not have done this without them: 
In fact, I introduced Tony's Transit-Pup to several people at this fundraiser and they were truly impressed! 

Afterwards, I crossed the street to go shopping for groceries at the CASH SAVER on Madison Avenue.  

While inside the store, I took the time to demonstrate what the Transit-Pup can do. 

The Transit-Pup can be taken onto a public transit bus, pulled behind a bicycle, or rolled along any sidewalk. 

Moreover, it can even be broken down and all the parts placed into its own container and then put away in a closet until it's needed again.

In closing, here are a few photo's and a video I produced for the event.  



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