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Going Car-Free in Memphis Tennessee? Don't Dare Do It Until You Have Explored Every Web Link Provided In This Blog

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Are you planning on going car-free in Memphis, Tennessee? 

Then, don't dare do it until you have explored every web link provided in this blog. 

This blog could save you from making some serious mistakes.

As a result, you will enhance your car-free lifestyle with the appropriate clothing, grocery getter carts, bicycles, and bike panniers, among other related things. 

Public Transit

Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) offers an array of fares. 

They have a one-day bus pass for $3.50, seven-day fast pass for $15, and a 31-day fast pass for $50 dollars. 

With these passes, one can ride all day long in any direction and get on and off the bus anytime they please. 

The Grocery Cart

I bought a jumbo grocery cart for just $49.00 dollars at Stewart Brothers Hardware Store, located just off of MATA's Trolley Line @ Madison and N. Cleveland St. 

The wheels fall to pieces no matter what; otherwise the carts are tough and reliable.   

The same store will help out with upgrading the wheels with a set of heavy-duty lawnmower wheels for about $50 dollars per cart.   

Then the only other part to replace is the wheel springs. Replace these springs with some hollow sleeves. The sleeve sizes vary due to various cart sizes, so remember to ask the store clerk for assistance with the whole process.   

The sleeves should fit over the axles and keep the lawnmower wheels from sliding from side to side and from wiggling around. 

In fact, the lawnmower wheels add extra strength to the axle, which prevents bowing or bending when extra weight is put into the cart.  

To prevent squeaking, use waterproof bike chain grease. 

The Bicycle

I bought one of my bikes from Midtown Bike, located off the MATA Trolly Line on N. Main St in the arts district. 

These hybrid bikes sport shocks on both the front wheel and the seat post for reducing fatigue on the hands, arms, and body. 

These bikes have heavy-duty rims to support far more weight than normal and have thick bike tires with deep tread. 

I also use puncture resistant tire tubes from SLIME

For those one-sack grocery days, I have secured an old milk crate to the bike rack with a few zip ties; however, products from Basil are superior. 

I have a wide variety bike bags and panniers from the Peddler Bike Shop, among various other things. This bike shop is located next to Newby's on N. Highland and Southern Ave. 

Moreover, I hope to buy a bike trailer from Tony's Trailers. This guy designs some of the most practical bike trailers that I have ever seen.  

Original cart wheels --- the rubber rolled off the rim and the rim crumbled to pieces, or did the rim crumble causing the rubber to roll off the rim? 

Does it matter if someone ends up dragging this cart across town with a full load of groceries?     

Grocery Getter Cart
with steel lawnmower wheels;
two black grocery panniers clamped on the back;
 a big red dry sack;
and a tan backpack.   
The springs that came from the carts original manufacture.

Two different sized sleeves that come from the hardware store --- they were a perfect fit for this Jumbo Cart. Ask for assistance and put the lawnmower wheels on the cart while your there in the store. And then, attempt to sell those other wheels back to the store for a profit to see if you get a laugh. 

Large 10X1.75-F / Small solid 6 inch wheel 

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